Advantage Commercial Real Estate Foreclosure Services

We have decades of experience in Real Estate investment, and management.  Advantage Commercial Real Estate can provide solutions for a property after Foreclosure.  Our experienced staff can supply a management plan for any Commercial or Residential Real Estate project.

We offer expertise in the sale of real property to satisfy judgments as well as the services of a court appointed Receiver to manage a   property if there is a credible threat to damage, waste, vandalism  of the property pending sale.

We will also provide:

Constant review of physical structure, provide recommendations and implement programs to maintain the image of the property.
Communicate with lender on any issues that arise at the property.
Preparation of a budget for receivership period.
Maintain payment records of all property income and expenses.
Administer maintenance and repairs to building.

Supervision of all vendors, contractors and employees on-site.
Review and approve work orders and invoices.
Collection of all rents and any other amounts due.
Provide Leasing Services upon request.
Handle all tenant retention issues and evictions.
Provide Construction Management Services